Editor’s Note

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There’s something about the beginning of a new time period—such as a new year or decade—that carries the promise of novel possibilities. What better time than now, in its second issue, for /One/ to present fresh talent, promising voices and colorful ideas?

We hope that art and literature can provide a much-needed diversion from the realities surrounding us, if only for a mere few moments. Through the innovations of /One/’s contributors, readers can also find some insight into what it means to be human–which, after all, is what compels us to make art. Individuals are often unable to fully comprehend large-scale human suffering. The artist helps us understand the larger narrative by sharing a specific story that we can relate to via our own experiences.

Thank you, readers, for giving the works of our contributors their deserved attention. We at /One/ wish you healthy and happy days in this new decade.

The editors

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