Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photos: Valerie Chiang

bike on beach

day at the beach

short winded elations


light through trees-1



Valerie Chiang

Born in Taiwan in 1992, Valerie currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her interest in photography began when she joined the popular photo-sharing website Flickr. What started out as a mere hobby quickly progressed into a passion for fine art and fashion photography.

Photography is the medium Valerie uses as a method of escapism. With her camera, Valerie turns her ordinary, sometimes even banal, surroundings into something more magical and imaginative. Her innate ability to tell stories through images stems from a childhood spent daydreaming and an obsession with literature and cinema. By applying a mythical, almost enigmatic aesthetic to her work, Chiang incorporates elements of both realism and surrealism into her photographs, striving to offer viewers an opportunity to stretch their imaginations and form their own stories from the images. Drawing inspiration from creatives such as Wendy Bevan and Chris van Allsburg, Valerie shoots dreamscapes that reflect her love of the make-believe.

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