What is that light like?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

      (Susan Stewart)


Like seeing everything seen as what made
everything seen made it to be seen.
Like seeing every moment that what made
everything made, in the one moment seen.
Like a concealment in which the concealed
is, by that very concealment, given.
Like revelation in which the revealed
is revealed as the ultimately hidden.
Like quasar calling quasar across deep space.
Like darkness that became darkness because
it gained, not because it lost, luminescence.
Like what is cast by, not what casts, shadows.
Like all the world that sent us this world sent us.
Like my emptiness made the emptiness.


H.L. Hix

H.L. Hix

H. L. Hix’s recent books include a poetry collection, I’m Here to Learn to Dream in Your Language; a translation, made with Jüri Talvet, of the poetry of Estonian peasant poet Juhan Liiv; an essay collection, Lines of Inquiry; and an art/poetry anthology, Ley Lines.  He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai University, and a Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer at Yonsei University.  Currently he teaches in the Philosophy Department and the Creative Writing MFA at the University of Wyoming.  His website is www.hlhix.com.

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