Editor’s Note

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Artists and writers endure pressure to continuously achieve and often need to focus solely on their own goals. A couple of years after I started writing professionally, I began to crave a project that would allow me to broaden my focus and contribute to the community by sharing some highlights of work produced in creative fields.

Luckily, I found others who felt similarly and together we started /One/, a journal focused on art, literature, and ideas, with a spotlight on humanity—a topic that we soon realized involves everything from the desire of a man who has never left his hometown to escape the boundaries of ordinary life to a world traveler who loses a childhood friend. These images and words are the gracious contributions of artists and writers who have shared their work in a budding journal. It’s always been my belief and hope that the more one succeeds, the more benevolent one becomes. Our contributors exemplify this.

Thank you for reading,

Sara Goudarzi

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In memory of Kurt Brown

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