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I am fascinated by people and what drives them; their stories, deep fears, emotions, feelings, secrets and how they confront themselves with who they are. It is confrontation and self-reflection that  interests me and catches my eye. I dare to observe people from a very close, almost edgy distance and see how they cope with themselves. I am a photographer and video-maker, but that would not be possible without a huge urge that I have to discover, encounter and challenge myself with the new.

Malwa Grabowska

Malwa Grabowska

Malwa Grabowska AKA Hipermania is a video and film maker as well as a photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Studying The Arts and filmmaking she graduated form Roskilde University and New York Film Academy. Her work covers forms on the boarders of documentary and fiction. As a video director and producer Hipermania cooperated with a wide range of performing artists and institutions like for example CPH:DOX Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival. Her photographs were exhibited at “The story of the creative” exhibition, opening at Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art in NYC on July 25, 2013. As a cinematographer Hipermania shot a documentary on creative forms of protest in Istanbul in September 2013, currently in post-production (


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